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Birth Doula & Hypnobirthing practitioner

Hi I'm Nikki,

I am a mother of two daughters a wife and a grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren.

After giving birth to my girls at a young age I felt inspired to support other young mums,

I pursued a career as a Family Support Worker, following the completion of my certificate of community services

I went on to complete a diploma of Early Years Childhood Studies and opened two Early Childhood Education Centres.

Running the centres gave me the opportunity to work with hundreds of families. After 20 years of supporting and working with mothers and their families becoming a doula and childbirth educator was a natural path for me.


Becoming a Doula

After completing my training as a birth doula in Sydney I was compelled to know more. I felt that l wanted to know more of a holistic way to birth, so I packed my bags and headed to Indonesia to train with the world-renowned Ibu Robin Lim. After I finished my training, I spent many days volunteering as a doula at the Bumi Sehat clinic in Bali and learnt so much from the amazing midwives, l will always be forever grateful for. After my initial visit, I returned to the clinic twice a year to volunteer until the pandemic hit. From this experience, I now draw on both my western training and my eastern training to create a smooth balance as a birth doula. 


Why am I so dedicated to teach Childbirth Education

After giving birth to my girls at a young age I didn’t know what my choices were or that I even had choices surrounding the birth of my daughters, I didn’t know that I could say NO to interventions, nothing was ever explained to me so I just went along with what the medical staff at the hospital told me to do.

I now know that Knowledge is power and preparation is the key this is why I love sharing the most up to date and evidence-based childbirth education in my classes.

I want couples to be confident, prepared and full of knowledge for their birth.

My Mission

My wish has always been for mums to feel educated, supported and empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth, and motherhood journey, I feel being part of the Byron Doula Collective is one step forward to having continuity of care for mums within our community. I aim for mums to have easy access to a network of professionals and for mums to always feel supported and not alone.


Volunteer Projects


After discovering a workshop in Bali for Doula’s and Midwives I began volunteering my Doula services at the Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic in Ubud, Bali and I now do that twice a year.

Seeing that some of the mothers attending the clinic and living in surrounding villages were in need, I was compelled to create a system that provides essential items to those mums and newborns. For more information about my Bali Give Bag program and experience at the clinic is available on https://www.facebook.com/baligivebags


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Nikki kruse

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Certified Birth Doula