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Birth Coach Nikki's Favourite Resources

Hello Beautiful Couples , I know how hard it is to have the right people around you at this time. It can be quite confusing and sometimes overwhelming. I have made things easier for you by listing my go to resources.

My Recommendations 

Honey Bee
Fresh and nourishing postpartum meals , local delivery
contact Lara -0422699666

Made for Mothers 

A carefully considered menu will provide nourishment for a mother in the crucial repair stage, or golden month

Belly bands 

exclusive range of Maternity Bundles and Gift Packs have been carefully curated and discounted to provide expectant and new mums with a range of maternity essentials at a great price.


Tara Walker Osteopathy
​For Women’s health including pre and post natal discomfort.

Megan Osborne- Chiropractor 

Megan uses a wide range of Chiropractic techniques, always keeping the nervous system in mind to assist pregnant women, children and families.

Extra Research
Sara Wickham 
Sara has done amazing 
research on 
Vitamin K and other topics , Her books have great information and are easy to read.
I recommend What's right for me & In your own time

The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases in medicine and other healthcare specialties provided by Cochrane and other organisations.
Put in the topic that you would like to research

Evidence based birth 
Nurture Hub pregnancy & birth 
The Great Birth Rebellion


Postpartum Preparing  For Your  4th trimester- Zoom Session - Taking baby home
Janine Is a trained nurse and has had over 20 years experience working in all areas of  maternity care, and a qualified pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula.
Janine offers a 2.5 hour Preparing For your Fourth trimester, this is a face to face session with you and Janine.
Janine will cover all you need to know about bringing your baby home and your postpartum journey. The session costs $250.
You will need to contact Janine directly.


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