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3.5 Hour Hypnobirthing Refresher Course 

This Course is for parents that have previously attended a Hypnobirthing course 


Are you feeling the need to be more prepared for your birth? 

Would you like some tips and tools for you and your partner to work together as a team for your birth?


Do you have questions to ask about options for your birth?

I offer a 3.5-hour birth preparation course for you and your partner 


I believe that everyone should enter their birth feeling safe, confident and full of knowledge.  

We will cover:

Bonding with your baby

Movement and positions

what your choices are for your labour & birth

Your birth vision and what is important for you

Relaxation techniques 

Breathing techniques

Partner's role and working together as a team

Your birthing environment 

I teach couples how to work together and connect as a team to prepare for their birth, I feel that it is important for the birth partners to have a positive experience too.

You will recieve the Hypnbirthing Australia Folio that includes online resources , mp3 tracks and a e-book

Total Investment is $340

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