Mother Blessings 
Tailor made ceremonies to honour birthing women

“The special ceremony to honour the Mother-to-Be is the Mother Blessing. This is your wider circle of friends, your community, gathering together to bestow you with their wishes and to honour you for the important role you play in the community, bringing in a new person. The point of this ceremony is that your friends, family and community thank you and honour you for that.  “ 


— Ten moons, Jane Hardwicke Collings

A mother blessing to remember


Mother Blessings  based on the Navajo Indian tradition of Blessing Ways, are a heart felt way of honouring the birthing women. As an alternative to a Baby shower, this is an incredible occasion for the birthing woman to receive empowerment, strength and love from her circle of women. The pregnant women can then carry these blessings and affirmations into birth and motherhood. 


Fiona creates and holds space for both the woman and baby to be blessed through sharing of heart felt messages, a creation made by the woman and a red thread ceremony. With all of the details looked after, all can enjoy and receive this nurturing sacred time.  


Blessings typically run for 2- 2.5 hrs


Mother blessings include:


  • Beautiful space at Byron Mamas Hub

  • Opening and closing circle/ facilitation of blessing 

  • Alter with birthing candle

  • Red Thread Ceremony

  • Customised Invitation

  • Flower Reef

  • Herbal teas...

Group creation of choice, either:


  • Necklace for Mother

  • Mobile for Baby

  • Nature Mandala

  • Belly painting and foot bath

  • Creating affirmation artworks for mama

Mother Blessing Package is  $350

If you would like to use the Byron Mamas Hub space and not worry about anything !

It is an additional $195 for 2.5 hours